Web Security

Data is everything. But what happens when your online data is not secured? Today data security is at stake with the increasing rate of cyber crime. Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges for online businesses. As technology changes every time, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to keep their customer and personal information secured.

When you’re up for online business, securing your web presence should be your foremost consideration. At Vidini Technology, we take web security very seriously and we make sure all our clients’ websites are secured. We’re a trusted provider of web security solutions. Apart from creating stunning online experiences, we offer regular website maintenance and security support. Secured website increases business opportunities while establishing a trusted image in the niche market.

What we offer:

    • Security Testing:

This is the basic step we follow to test your existing web security. Once we have a clear idea where your website is standing, we can then offer you suitable security solution.

    • SSL Security:

We partner with one of the best security service providers in the domain to provide SSL configuration. Working with us means choosing a reliable security partner to maintain secured data integration.

    • Database Integration:

If you want to switch to latest and secured database management, we offer database integration service to ensure your database is safe from any human error. We can integrate your data virtually through robust coding and highly secured software packages.

    • Regular Website Maintenance for a Faster and Most Secured Website:

Online website security checking is our post-deployment stage. We ensure our service will protect you throughout your online journey by keeping your important credential and data secured.